COLUMN: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Thanksgiving

By Matt Weaver
Special to the Tulare Voice

Thanksgiving is not a day; it is not a meal.  Thanksgiving is a final exam for which preparation and study are paramount.   For the host and chef, such detailed planning will make the difference between bliss and stress.

Matt Weaver
Matt Weaver

It was with these thoughts in mind that I sat down in my kitchen on Sunday to prepare for Thanksgiving.  I have a poorly organized file folder (actually a 10-year old edition of Eating Well magazine—back when they taught you how to cook, not focus your diet on inedible things like kale) filled with recipes both tried-and-true, and the ones that didn’t hit so well.  I have my notes, earlier editions of Thanksgiving preparation from years past, chronicled such that you knew what worked and what didn’t, which years were stressful, and which years weren’t.  I finalized my menu, made a timetable—what dish gets prepared when—for the day, made a shopping list, and even outlined what vegetables and whatnot could be chopped the night before.

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COLUMN: Dealing with judgment

Growing up in church, I was often on the receiving end of being judged by others. I’d like to think things are different now compared to what they where when I was a teenager. However, in my adult life,

Kathy Looper
Kathy Looper

it has been no different. I have grown accustomed to being judged by others. But it doesn’t have the same affect on me as an adult that it had on me as a teenager because I have changed the way I respond to judgment.

Lately though, I have noticed others who are the ones who judge and those who are on the receiving end. I found that judgment in the church is still very present but the church is not the only place judgment takes place. It takes place on our jobs, in our relationships and even with our children. I have come to believe it is a part of the every day life of most humans. One has to be very diligent and mindful to abstain from the temptation of judging others.

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Stockings for Senior Citizens Drive

The annual Kings/Tulare Area Agency on Aging (K/T AAA) Stockings for Senior Citizens provides a stocking stuffed with donated gifts to more than 400 home-bound senior citizens who often do not have friends and family visit them during the holidays; Tulare County businesses, community partners, and residents are invited to collect stocking-stuffer items.

“This winter event compliments Senior Day in the Park, which encourages our seniors to get out and about, said Laura Silva, Tulare County Health & Human Services Aging Services Manager and Director of the K/T AAA. “The Stockings for Seniors event focuses on making sure that home-bound and isolated seniors have a gift and have folks who spend the time to go and visit them during this season.”

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City Council holds off on amendment regarding annexations

By Chelsea Stelly
Tulare Voice

Concerns from council members and citizens led the City Council to readdress an amendment regarding annexation policies until the December 15th meeting.

The ordinance would amend Title 10 of the Municipal Code to add a section establishing annexation policies, procedures and standards to determine if a property meets the conditions for annexation.

“Every time I read through this it seems like a lot of red tape,” said Vice Mayor Carlton Jones. “It seems like we are putting up a big sign on the door that says we are closed for business.”

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New water connection policy helps BPU make informed decisions

By Chelsea Stelly
Tulare Voice

The Board of Public Utilities is utilizing a requested policy from city staff allowing the board to make informed decisions based on historical and estimated numbers to predict the demand of new water connections.

The policy is an in-depth chart that utilizes historical and estimated data to measure the supply and demand of the entire water system as well as peak hourly demand. Each month the chart will be updated with actual numbers providing a means for the board to make informed decisions on whether they should approve or deny new connections. The projected numbers also provide a reference when new connections will not hook up to the system until a year or two from approval.

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Vets helping vets at the Tulare Public Library

Veterans from World War II to present day conflicts are finding help connecting to vital state and federal benefits thanks to the Veterans Resource Center at the Tulare Public Library.

Tulare Public Library received a Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) Grant,  Veterans Connect @ the Library, to make the Veteran’s Resource Station possible.

The resource center is staffed by James Bright, who spent one tour in Afghanistan with the Army, and Daniel Brown, an Army specialist with the California National Guard.

Bright and Brown are Veterans Work Study employee thanks to a partnership with California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet), the Employment Development Department (EDD), and the California State Library.

Bright said veterans can easily grow frustrated with the transition from military to civilian life, encountering red tape and delays.

“In the miliary, you’re told to be somewhere at a certain time and things happen – it just flows,” he said. “But back in civilian life you sometimes encounter hurdle after hurdle to get something done.”

Brown said they offer veterans contact information and advice on accessing the benefits available.

“We help point them in a direction, we give them a path,” he said.

The Tulare Public Library is at 475 North M Street. The resource center is open during the following hours:

  • Tuesday: 3-7 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 3-7 p.m.
  • Thursday: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Friday: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.



Sen. Fuller speaking to government affairs committee Monday

Tulare Chamber of Commerce CEO Ben Brubaker talks about the upcoming visit by Sen. Jean Fuller to the Government Affairs Committee meeting on Monday, Nov. 16 at Apple Annie’s Restaurant.

CLICK the image to watch the video.

Hospital Foundation hosts Festival of Trees Nov. 20

Festival of Trees event co-chairs Trish Hitlin and Margaret “Marmie” Fidler talk to the Tulare Voice about the spectacular treat for the eyes; the behind the scenes competition between tree decorators; and the importance of the event to support the hospital’s mission. CLICK the image to watch the video.

Evolutions Fitness & Wellness Center unveils state-of-the-art INFRARED sauna

It’s getting HOT at Evolutions!

Members of Evolutions Fitness & Wellness Center have a new amenity that comes with a multitude of benefits, including accelerated weight loss and wound healing, improved circulation, pain relief, detoxification and relaxation, to name just a few.


The fitness center installed state-of-the-art INFRARED saunas in the men’s and women’s locker rooms that deliver fantastic health benefits at a more comfortable temperature than traditional saunas.

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